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By the Bishop

Many people cannot fathom the idea of God coming to meet them where they are.  I am here to tell you just the opposite. It is His heart's desire to be with you. Since the time of creating the first Adam, the Lord has come to men. Whether in the Garden of Eden, the Wilderness or the Promiseland, He has met men where they were. There is no location where He will not come when His children begin to call upon His name for help. He eagerly awaits the cry of His people. There's not a heart, a home, a church, a city or nation where He will not show up after hearing the sound of desperation.

This book is for those who realize our world is in great turmoil and on a collision course destined for destruction. This book is for the ones who realize that only the true and living God can change its direction. It is for the believer who senses a burden for Revival but may have never been taught what to do to invoke the presence of YESHUA HAMASHIACH (Jesus Christ). Revival has happened in times past - the Welch Revival, Azusa Street Revival, Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Blessing (to name a few) - and it will happen again. This time it will happen with you.

Learn what moves the heart of God and how you can help usher in the next wave of His glory and power on Earth. If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Why not allow YESHUA to come to your church and city? Are you ready to continue the acts of the Apostles and turn the world upside down for the glory of God? If your answer is "Yes," then you will enjoy reading this book. It will align your heart and position you to be the catalyst for YESHUA Coming to Where You Are!

Get the Whole Prayer Set

Why did Jesus pray?  Can you imagine what the world would be like if He didn't pray?  Why was the Apostle Paul so adamant about praying that he instructed the church of Thessalonica to "pray without ceasing?" 

The Bible reveals how important prayer was to the apostles and the early church.  It was their number one priority. Through praying believers, people were healed from all manner of sicknesses and diseases, miracles were performed, demons were expelled, souls were saved, and the "whole world was turned upside down."


There is a great need for believers to make prayer a priority again if we are to make an impact in our world and see the Lord move with His mighty power on our behalf. When we gave our lives to Christ, someone from the church probably told us to start praying but never taught us how to do it.  Prayer is teachable.  Jesus taught His disciples how to pray and has left the church leaders the responsibility to teach each believer how to pray.


This book is a great tool to help you build a prayer life and to communicate effectively with our heavenly Father.  You will learn why people don't pray, what hinder answers to prayer and the essential elements you need for effective praying.  I am a firm believer that every citizen of the kingdom of God should know how to pray and produce results

In our modern day of Christianity it appears that the church is plagued with immature, selfish and hypocritical people who claim they have a relationship with Jesus. Unbelievers are looking for better alternatives to their lives than the God whom we serve.


This book is written to offset the Christian misrepresentation and to challenge believers to live their absolute best life by refusing to settle for a "what can I continue to do and still make it into heaven" lifestyle. The entire world subconsciously cries for believers to grow up, mature and model the image of the only true Savior, Jesus the Christ. The sons of God must be manifested in the earth (Rom 8:19). Mature Christians can be recognized. King David says we can "Mark the perfect man" (Psalm 37:37). In this day and time, we must carefully observe the life of those who we are following.

In this book we will identify the characteristics of a "perfect man" so that you can "mark" him. Ultimately, you will discover that the "perfect man" traits are hidden within your heart and are ready to be sculptured out. All you need is the right mentor who can unlock the treasure of great, God-given qualities that you have resting inside. Don't live beneath who you are. There's a greater you inside - a perfect man whose life culminates to a peaceful, fulfilled end.

There is an often neglected power in the Body of Christ that must be rediscovered and activated. It is the Shalom of God. Hebrew Lexicons render Shalom to mean, "completeness (wholeness), soundness, health, safety, prosperity, peace, and wellness. Thus, Shalom carries the idea of "being well in every area of your life." Jeremiah says that God's plans toward us are plans of "Shalom" (Jeremiah 29:11). He wants us healthy, safe, and prosperous. God's Rest Revealed gives you insight into God's "Shalom Plan" for your life. It is a LIFE flowing with milk and honey!


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