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Returning to Your First Love Series Blog #1

Remembering the Passion and Devotion of Our Faith Journey


In the bustling world we live in, it's easy for our spiritual fervor to slowly fade over time. The demands of daily life, the distractions of the modern age, and the challenges we face can all contribute to a drift away from the intense love and devotion we once had for our Savior. But Jesus desires for us to rekindle that initial spark, to reignite the flames of passion that first drew us to Him.


In the book of Revelation, Jesus addresses the church in Ephesus, commending them for their hard work, patience, and intolerance of evil. Yet, He had one major complaint - they had left their first love. Despite all their commendable efforts, something critical was missing. The church had lost the intimate, devoted relationship they once had with their Savior.


Examining Our Hearts


Jesus' words to the Ephesian church serve as a powerful reminder for us to examine the condition of our own hearts. Do we still have a burning hunger for God's presence? Are we as excited to hear His voice and spend quality time with Him as we once were? How often do we find ourselves talking to Him throughout the day, sharing our joys, our struggles, and our deepest desires?


The disturbing reality is that it is possible to be actively serving God without maintaining a genuine, growing relationship with Him. We can become so consumed with the work of the kingdom that we neglect the King Himself. It's a subtle, gradual process that can leave us feeling empty, even as we continue to check off the boxes of religious activity.


Returning to Our First Love


Jesus lovingly calls the Ephesian church, and us, to remember from where we have fallen and to repent. He desires for us to return to the passionate, devoted love we once had for Him. This is not about perfectionism or legalism, but about the posture of our hearts.


Repentance involves recognizing our wrongdoing and making the decision to move in a different direction. It's a change of mind, attitude, and behavior that realigns us with God's heart. Jesus instructs us to "do the first works" - to go back to the simple acts of devotion and worship that once characterized our relationship with Him.


Whether it's sharing the good news of salvation with others, spending extended time in prayer and study of God's Word, or simply expressing our love and gratitude to the Savior, these "first works" are the outward expressions of an inward love that burns brightly.


The Relentless Pursuit of God's Love


God's love for us is relentless and unwavering. He is crazy about us, passionately pursuing a deep, intimate relationship. The extent of His love is demonstrated by the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus, who left the glory of heaven to become a servant and die a gruesome death on the cross, all for the sake of restoring us to Himself.


When we lose sight of this love, our hearts can become hardened, and our devotion can wane. But Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is constantly calling us back to Himself, using His rod and staff to guide us, protect us, and draw us near.


As we heed His call to remember, repent, and return to our first love, we will experience the joy, the peace, and the power that comes from a vibrant, growing relationship with our Savior. Let us not be content with merely going through the motions but let us passionately pursue the One who has pursued us with an everlasting love.


The Journey of Renewal Can Begin Today


Whether you've been a believer for decades or are just starting your faith journey, the invitation to return to your first love is open to all. Let us come together, support one another, and reignite the flames of love and devotion in our lives. The journey of renewal begins today, as we remember, repent, and return to the One who is crazy about us.

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